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360 DigiTech, Inc. (NASDAQ: QFIN and and HKEX:3660) (“360 DigiTech” or the “Company”) is a leading Credit-Tech platform in China. We are dedicated to making credit services more accessible and personalized to consumers and SMEs through Credit-Tech services to financial institutions, whereby we deploy our technology solutions to help financial institutions identify the diversified needs of consumers and SMEs, effectively access prospective borrowers that are creditworthy through multi-channels, enhance credit assessment on prospective borrowers, and manage credit risks and improve collection strategies and efficiency, among others. When coupled with its partnership with 360 Group, the Company’s solutions created noticeable advantages in customer acquisition, funding optimization, risk assessment and post-lending management.

Our value proposition is to connect financial institutions and borrowers through our technology innovations, transforming credit services in a way that is more accessible to consumers and SMEs, while empowering financial institutions across different stages of the loan lifecycle. In particular, we believe our services provide substantial value to the following industry participants: 
Financial institution partners. We offer technology-driven services, empowering our financial institution partners with an efficient online lending process. Our technology infrastructure seamlessly integrates with those of our financial institution partners, providing them a wide range of technology solutions that collectively deliver real-time automatic borrower acquisition as well as enhanced credit screening, post-facilitation services and other aspects of operations. We avail our financial institution partners of a rapidly growing base of quality borrowers, an expanded scale of credit assets and improved risk-adjusted returns. As of June 30, 2022, we had established partnerships with a total of 133 financial institutions cumulatively, including national and regional banks and consumer finance companies. 
Consumers. We target the large and growing population of consumers whose credit demands are underserved or unserved by traditional financial institutions. Such population typically has limited credit history and stable income with promising growth potentials and has great user lifetime values. However, in lack of effective measures to screen off the risk associated therewith, credit services from traditional financial institutions have not effectively penetrated this group. Leveraging our advanced technology and credit profiling capabilities, we are able to effectively identify users with low delinquency risks and convert them into borrowers, thereby enabling financial institutions to extend their borrower reach while availing these borrowers of suitable, easy-to-access financial products with sufficient lines of credit, reasonable pricing and high levels of flexibility. We believe we are chosen by our users because of our well-established industry reputation and the convenient, fast, intuitive and transparent user experience that we offer through our platform. 
SMEs. Since late 2020, we have begun facilitating tailored loan products to quality SMEs. We believe this group is unserved or underserved by traditional financial institutions, which typically focus on providing services to larger enterprises with a long credit history and operating track record, and with tangible collateral for loans. Drawing on our data analytics and credit profiling capabilities, we are equipped to identify those SMEs who are less likely to carry delinquency risks despite their lack of sufficient credit records and tangible collaterals, and convert them into borrowers of our financial institution partners. The tailored products extended through our platform are flexible, collateral-free and satisfactory to the SMEs’ credit needs.

We offer diverse services to our partners and users. Our services are generally categorized into either credit-driven services or platform services based on the nature of services and the level of credit risks associated therewith. In each type of these services, regardless of the level of credit risks involved, we empower partners and users with an efficient lending/borrowing process, improved credit assessment and enhanced lending/borrowing experience. 
Credit-driven services. We match prospective borrowers with financial institutions and empower financial institutions in borrower acquisition, credit assessment, fund matching, and post-facilitation services. Loan products offered under this line of services are, in most cases, funded by our financial institution partners to whom we provide guarantee services against potential default risks, with the remainder extended by Fuzhou Microcredit, which is licensed to conduct micro-lending business in China. Therefore, we bear credit risks under credit-driven services. 
Platform services. Tailoring to our financial institution partners’ diverse needs, we provide customized technology solutions at different stages of the loan lifecycle, such as borrower acquisition, credit assessment and post-facilitation services. Specifically, our platform services include comprehensive loan facilitation and post-facilitation services under the capital-light model, intelligent marketing services to financial institution partners under Intelligence Credit Engine (ICE), referral services and risk management SaaS. We currently do not take credit risk under platform services. 
Capital-light model. Under the capital-light model, we facilitate transactions between prospective borrowers and our financial institution partners through a comprehensive suite of technology-enabled services spanning the loan lifecycle, from borrower acquisition, technology empowerment in credit assessment to post-facilitation services such as loan performance monitoring and loan collection. For loans facilitated under the capital-light model, we generate income through service fees charged to financial institution partners according to pre-negotiated terms. 
Intelligence Credit Engine (ICE). ICE is an open platform that offers financial institutions intelligent marketing services. We match prospective borrowers and our financial institution partners leveraging user analytics and cloud computing technologies, and assist financial institution partners with preliminary credit screening of borrowers. We earn pre-negotiated service fees from financial institution partners and do not bear credit risks. 
Referral services. We refer some users on our platform who do not fit our financial institution partners’ risk preference to certain online lending companies, and earn referral fees. 
Risk management SaaS. In 2020, we began offering financial institutions on-premise deployed, modular risk management SaaS to empower them to acquire borrowers and improve credit assessment results. Under this model, we typically take technology service fees or consulting fees for the corresponding 

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